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Mus musculus Mouse [16-11-2016] [Ensembl]
Danio rerio Zebrafish [16-11-2016] [Ensembl]
Homo sapiens Human [14-06-2016] [Ensembl]
Rattus norvegicus Rat [14-06-2016] [Ensembl]
Sus scrofa Pig [25-08-2015] [Ensembl]

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Pan troglodytes Chimpanzee [12-01-2012] [Ensembl]
Gorilla gorilla Gorilla [30-03-2009] [Ensembl]
Macropus eugenii Wallaby [30-03-2009] [Ensembl]
Canis lupus familiaris Dog [14-02-2005] [Ensembl]